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Submission of Video Assessment guidelines

Three short  videos and a written self- evaluation  must be submitted with the Case Study Project. These videos should include  you instructing and interacting and providing feedback to your client in the following areas: 

  1.  A stability ball exercise of your choice for client.
  2.  A PNF stretch for the hamstrings  
  3.  A muscle length analysis test of your choice suitable for client. 

The videos must be accompanied by a written self evaluation (300 words) of your performance in instructing and teaching your client.. 

All Videos must be submitted on same USB as Case Study Project.  They should be placed in a ‘Videos’ Folder and the filename should clearly identify the content of each video e.g. Stability ball exercise or PNF Stretch.

  1. Clearly marked named files of each video must be evident on USB  
    Video quality must be clear in visual and audio and compatible with PCs, video files that are only compatible with Mac computers are not acceptable.
  2. The video files should be checked by students on a separate laptop or PC to the one on which they were created to ensure they play correctly.
  3. This is the student’s responsibility and videos that do not play will result in an overall NG for your project as it will be incomplete.