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HCEHF Year 2 PT TT-16-17 student.pdf

Below are links to some projects which have been submitted by students on the NCEF Personal Training Specialist Module.

Use these projects as a guide to the outline and structure of the project. They will also provide you with an idea of the type of material you will be expected to submit.

Warning : These projects are copyright to the authors and cannot be copied or reproduced in whole or part in any format. Plagiarism (taking of another's work and submitting it as your own is a serious offence within the NCEF and University of Limerick and penalties can include immediate suspension from the module).

Sample Projects

‘A Positive Lifestyle Change’  Options for Change 'Fit for Life' ‘Do it now, we'll show you how' ‘Healthy Lifestyle is your choice' Sample Stability Ball DVD Sample PNF Stretch Sample MLA Test

Sample Video Submissions